Clowns and Other Ecclesiastical Things

I’ve heard of “clown ministry” before but the so-called “Clown Eucharist” takes the cake. No, I have no problem with clowns doing shows for children, giving out candy, and sharing Bible stories. Yes, I have a serious problem with clowns and mimes making a mockery of the sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood. On Trinity Sunday–a day for commemorating the sacred Godhead–Trinity Church (Wall Street) decided to engage in a revolting display of human ignominy. The point? To be, in the words of the rector, the “circus that came to town.” The idea was to be “fools for Christ.” Well, the whole shebang was certainly foolish but I’m not certain it brought any acclaim to Christ.

Trinity Church signSeveral blogs had things to say about these shenanigans, including Midwest Conservative Journal (and again), Rich Anglican Fudge (with Nuts), Expagan, Apostolicity, and TexAnglican.

And, if you enjoyed the Clown Eucharist, you will certainly enjoy the video of the dancing procession. Where do people come up with these ideas?

In other old news, Kenneth Tanner at Mere Comments remarked on the church in the Internet age; Expagan also offers remarks. The church in question is in Wales and the pastor is encouraging the use of electronic devices–in the church. The congregation installed a wireless network to facilitate folks who, presumably, are bored with the preaching. This, of course, begs the question: why come to church if I’m going to just sit and use my computer? No word at this time whether there will be blogging from the pulpit.

If these weren’t enough, try drive-through church services.

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