Have “your feet shod” with…?

Ephesians 6 makes reference to the whole armor of God. But, just in case you didn’t put on the whole armor, here’s a little something for you. This product has been around for a little while, so this isn’t news, but…

In-SoulsThis company has come up with a new meaning to “stand on the word of God”. How, you ask? “Inspirational shoe inserts”–whatever that is. Actually, it’s apparently paper shoe inserts imprinted with Scripture verses. The seller describes them thus: “To enhance the spiritual walk with God, the inserts help one to ‘stand’ on His Word, meditating on it day and night.” I can only assume that you should wear your shoes–with inserts–to bed if you want to meditate on God’s word at night. I suppose you would also need to pray that your feet absorb God’s word through some sort of osmotic process.

The company has some other nice items such as an “Inspirational Biblical Companion Journal and Workbook” described as “a companion to inspirational biblical shoe inserts”. Also available are foot-shaped bookmarks and air fresheners (though, I’m not sure if they are also shoe inserts).

Faith PurseHowever, the one that takes the cake: if you’re a Christian lady in need of a new method to share your faith, how about the “Faith Purse”? It even has feet shapes on it and is handpainted by an “artist”, whatever that means.

I don’t know if these folks are selling anything, but they’ve definitely shown that they will try to sell anything. It’s amazing what some people will try to do to make a dollar off of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m all for using various tools for spreading the good news of Christ and for strengthening one’s faith, but this is ridiculous!


  1. Carol

    The thought is nice, and I like what I call "small tokens", things like a little metal cross you keep in your pocket, or a bookmark like that (with inspiriational scripture) but only in the way things like that serve to remind and reassure me of Jesus throghout the daily grind… but– forgive me– that purse looks obnoxious. It puts me in mind of the man who prays loudly on the streetcorner so that everyone can see how oh-so-faithful and pious he is. Plus, the "artistry" of the paint job looks messy and haphazard, as if little care went into the making. I agree with you– some things are just a bit much.

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