Juanita Bynum’s wedding

For some reason, people are searching this site for information about the 2003 wedding of Juanita Bynum. Mrs. Bynum is a popular charismatic speaker on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network).Ebony magazine gave the following report of the wedding:

The “million-dollar” wedding of Dr. Juanita Bynum, well-known evangelist and author of the best-selling Matters of the Heart, to Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III featured a wedding party of 80, all friends and family, 1,000 guests, a 12-piece orchestra, and a 7.76-carat diamond ring. The black-tie wedding cost “more than a million,” the bride said, and included flowers flown in from around the world. “My dress,” she says, “took nine months to make. All of the crystals on the gown were hand-sewn. The headpiece was sterling silver, hand-designed.”

Why did she spend so much time and effort on the wedding?

“This,” she said, “was my once-in-a-lifetime wedding, and I did it this way because I plan to stay married.”

I’m not going to evaluate the cost and extravagance of this wedding. Either it’s obvious to you or you already had excuses prepared before reading this.

If you’ve never seen Bynum on TV, you’re missing out. I couldn’t begin to describe the off-the-wall stuff I’ve seen her do. If it’s not elephant walking with two other women or sitting in their laps (a supposed portrayal of the Trinity), it’s rolling herself into a large prayer cloth cocoon. It would be funny if it weren’t being done in God’s name.

I’m not sure how I got on this TBN jog but let me digress.


  1. Angel

    I am glad that she did her wedding this way. A wedding means a new journey officially begining . She started off good… and to me its the way I will do my wedding too. ONCE in a LIFE TIME wedding! She is a real annoited woman of GOD because she teaches the WORD OF GOD!

  2. Angel, every wedding should certainly be a once in a lifetime wedding.r nr nIf the funds for Mrs. Bynum's wedding were from her private investments and other income, she is free to spend those funds appropriately. However, if she had a million dollar wedding on the backs of her contributors, that's shameful. It's high time that ministers be accountable for their financial extravagances. I don't believe it's appropriate for a Christian to have a million dollar wedding.r nr nWhether Mrs. Bynum is anointed of God is another discussion altogether; and whether she teaches the word of God is yet another. Perhaps I will open this discussion soon.

  3. Clayton C. Secord, J

    I can really state that Juanita Bynum's enrichment is grossly self inflated, and I will not be surprised where they come from.The IRS should look into it. It is a shame that there are so many poor people suffering from hunger, while this self glorified so called prophet and teacher remains a subject for scrutiny by true evangelists.r nJust look at her vanity and her doctorate degree.She dresses in white, thinking that perhaps she is another Katherine Kuhlman.r nWe must bear in mind that we should seek that which is from the bible and not from demonic strongholds.The power of deception is at hand. In Matthew 24:3,4 Jesus WARNS us, "Be careful that nobody deceives you."In Revelation 16:13and 19:20 and 20:10.Jesus even aks whether He will still find faith on the earth when He returns. Obviously all these new teachings are paving the way for the Anti-Christ. Therefore CAVEAT EMPTOR TO TRUE CHRISTIANS!!!!!!

  4. Claudia

    To ALL: r nI'm not trying to get anyone to agree with me about juanita bynum but from my opinion she is real and straight up and she is truly a testimony not only in my eyes but for God I believe that if she was the type to keep her mouth shut and not testify for what God has done for her he wouldnt have blessed her the way he's blessing her now. because in the bible it says that what you sow is what you reap so If she didnt sow a great seed then it would have never grown. that's just the way I see it. and besides if I had the choice a christain especially if god blessed me with a husband that is praising him yes if I had the choice I would have a million dollar wedding only if I had the choice but If I didnt I wouldnt kill myself working different jobs to show people that god blessed me with a million dollar wedding because that's not whats going to bless my marriage serving god will.

  5. Pastor John

    For some reason Christians have the idea that we are not to judge. The problem with the church today that I see, (please understand that I don't travel the world so I don't see a lot, just my limited world) is that we simply do not adhere to the Bible. In 1 Corinthians 5 we are clearly taught that we are to judge those who are "named a brother." Paul gives a list of things that we are judge, I do not believe that it is an exhaustive list. He would certainly include those who teach doctrine that is contrary to "the faith once delivered." Jude certainly taught us that. J. Bynum says she is called of God. She comes to the masses via television, radio, and print. Her teachings go out to literally thousands if not millions. Anyone who is that high profile needs to be judged as to what they are teaching. A close examination of her teachings compared against the Bible and against the 2000 year old accepted doctrine of the church of Jesus Christ and you will soon discover that she teaches/preaches doctrine that is contrary to orthodox teaching. One example. I personally heard her say that she and another so called prophet had spiritual intercourse and were producing offspring "prophets." The Bible is very clear on this subject and so is church orthodoxy. Prophets are "given" by God, see Ephsesians 4. They are called by God, see Amos, Jeremiah, etc. Prophets are not birthed by other prophets spiritual intercourse, whatever in the world that is. It certainly is something that is never mentioned in the Holy Word of God. One could argue that she was using only hyperbole to inhance her message. This was not brought forth as some "preaching technigue" but rather as an actual experience that she and this other fellow had actually engaged in. Isaiah says that if they don't speak according to this law there is NO light in them. Now if this was simply a singular incident I would not be writing this. However, if you read and listen to her you will see many other teachings that are not in keeping with Biblical doctrine. That should be your concern when following and supporting her ministry/teaching. As to her wedding, well, I couldn't afford that kind of wedding, and even if I could I wouldn't. However, my personal preferences and spending habits should not be the determining factors of judging Bynum. I am not a part of her fellowship so I can't judge her for covetousness (one of the things mentioned in 1 Cor. 5). I can and I am commanded by the Holy Spirit to judge her teachings that come across my television set. I have done so on many occasions and weighed them in the balance of the Word of God and have found them wanting. I believe we all should do this in the era of false teachers and false prophets and false christs. After all, this is the time of "perilous times" when at the top of the list, "men will be lovers of themselves."

  6. illuminata

    I find the dialogue here very interesting.r nJuanita and Thomas Weeks are on the cover of Precious Times magazine, and I look at her and go wow— she seems so much different than say, several years ago when No More Sheets came out. She dresses different, too. I'm not judging outward appearance. I've never been a fan or follower but know who she is from TBN, etc. There is just something I can't put my finger on, and has anything she, Creflo Dollar, etc. prophesized come to pass?r nI have a challenging time with people selling Jesus and getting rich while His sons and daughters buy every book, CD, video, tape, and attend conference after conference and crusade after crusade and growing spiritually desensitized to His voice and growing poorer in the process while those many look up to, get richer. I have a challenging time when I hear or see people looking to others such as Bynum, Jakes, etc. as if they were God instead of cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus Christ so that He can speak directly to us. I could go on about this and please know I didn't post this for a debate or criticism. Simply offering my perception and opinion. We can agree to disagree on Scripture, whose false, etc. r nr nFather Sparks, I think you've done a great job moderating this. r nBlessings to all.

  7. illuminata

    one of the reasons i like author and teacher beth moore is that she has a board of directors for her ministry in which they hold her and the ministry accountable. this includes financial accountabilty to avoid misappropriation of money. i believe that ministers and teachers, etc should receive compensation, it's great, hard and important work. there should just be accountabilty so the people of God aren't robbed, one way or the other.r nr nblessings to all and let us keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

  8. Kendra K.

    I have a question… Is there anything wrong with ministers who get relatively wealthy from book sales, salaries from their churches…especially mega churches, and speaking engagements? If this is wrong explain to me how it is. If it is alright then what is the problem as long as the minister is not stealing or teaching false doctrine?

  9. eva

    I love Juanita Bynum and what she is about and I also agree with correction. If there are some messages preached which is not according to the Word of God, I believe she would appreciate the correction because she bases her teachings on the Word of God and the moving of the Holy Spirit. I discern she still has some issues that God is dealing with but who doesn't? According to scripture we are all like filthy rags Isa. 64:6, and like Peter asked Jesus, "What about him?" Jesus response was don't worry if the disciple that He loves goes with him or if he remains. In other words, it's none of your business what I am going to do, John 21:22. On the other hand we as a body are not to be quite on such matters. We are suppose to be weighed in the balances and be accurate according to His teachings. We have to be careful and mindful that when we correct a brethren we are not doing it out of envy or condemnation but for the love of God and His teachings. We love the brethren. We all need it. Correction that is. Thank Him that we become wiser as we learn more from His Word and from each other as a body in whole.

  10. julia

    i have read every comment posted here and i'm thankful that christians can engage in such healthy, edifying discussions. i'm a med student in Ghana, West Africa and i watched a VCD of the wedding. it was the first time i was hearing about her so i probably can't say much BUT i liked her free spirit, so evident even on her wedding day! as for the money involved well i can't say much- it struck me as a bit extravagant but since i didn't know the source of the funding i refrained from judging.

  11. I think all the comments on the site have been interesting, to say the least. One thing that I would like to add is that it would be a shame if JB has spent money that she received from poor and low wage working people on a million dollar wedding. I have listened to her messages for some time and I have noticed she has changed. She wears more diamonds than I have ever seen and she wears makeup which she used to preach against. She doesn't seem to be on the frontline helping those less fortunate, whether in America or other 3rd world countries. I think she is letting the celebrity go to her head. If she is doing so, she will pay in more ways than we can imagine. God will hold those in power accountable for their actions.

  12. ENOCH

    wealth is given by God–look at Job, Abraham, King David…etc However, it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter into heaven… so ms bynum's wealth could be her downfall. or could be the blessings that are spoken of by paul in 1 cor. 9-24-27 and taking from the unfaithful and given to the faothful -matt.25-30. Like-16-1-15. when i heard the audio clip–she speaks of demons and the devil being sent to train. If a person is possess God, has allowed it to happen. The devil can do nothing except God allow it to happen to "train- mankind" example the BOOk of Job. In the Book of Samuel and EVIL Spirit sent from GOd came upon Saul, the King anointed by Samuel through God's Will. 1 samuel-18-6. We go trough trials and tribulations to strenghten us through the "FIRE"

  13. Stand for Truth

    I had visited Juanita Bynum's church in Washington, D.C. and I found some very disturbing issues. After JB got done preaching she said she," Had a vision that seven people would come on stage and give 1,000 dollars" and after begging the people seven people eventually went on the stage. I thought that was unusual. The kicker is, the following week her husband said the exact same thing. Where in the Bible does a prophet plead for money? By observing her actions 2 Timothy 3:1-7 came to mind. JB has a very powerful voice and may be inspirational at times but I have found her to be unsound in her doctrine. As being in the Body of Christ we must be aware of unsound doctrine by being consistent with Scripture. We must use discernment it which the Holy Spirit gives us and measuring everything from the Word of God. We have to be truthful with ourselves and if there is a teaching that is false, call it what it is. Either the preacher is misinformed or they knowingly our in error. Like Jesus said, "You will know them by there fruits. Be blessed

  14. Stand for Truth, I agree with you that we must be discerning of the words of any person who claims to speak on behalf of God. Speaking in God’s name is very serious business; if we open our mouths to relay a message in God’s name, it had certainly better be come God. I can’t figure out why the only visions some preachers have is of how much money they will get. I find the faith to be about so much more, about eternal things.

  15. Roshanda

    I have been reading the postings for awhile. I thought God can speak through his written word and his spoken word. I believe that Juanita Bynum is appointed by the almighty himself. Whatever happen to God will make you the head and not the tail. I must say our Father is bigger than we can imagine so money is no issue unless she is being consumed with it or makeing it her god. If I had a million dollars I would spend it too (you cant take it with it when you're gone) I see so many christians critizing other christians. I do know that it is very dangerous to mess with God's choosen people. I also know that everyone has his/her own thoughts about every situation but what does God say

  16. Roshanda, God’s written word is the word he has spoken through the Holy Ghost to the writers of the Bible. Are you suggesting that Juanita Bynum’s words have equivalent authority with the Scriptures? Can you please give an exegetical explanation of what it means to be “the head and not the tail”? I’m certain that I would spend a million dollars, too. However, I might find something more useful than turning my wedding into a spectacle and media circus. The Lord has spoken a great deal about money in his Word. The Lord has stated that, to whom much has been given, much shall be required. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the blessings of God; however, we should consider whether we are placing our own interests above the interests of God. I also wonder where million dollars came from. I make no assumption that it was gained unethically. However, one does wonder whether it came from those who were financially supporting Mrs. Bynum’s ministry. If so, I’m not sure a million-dollar wedding falls into the accepted definition of ministry.

  17. When it comes down to if she is real or not. i know she is because she told the congergation to give 1,000 dollars and Gs was going to bless us with 10 fold if we where obedient and came quickly. And I did because I believed her at her word. And sure enough. Within 3 weeks I got a check in the mail for 10,000 dollars. Now that couldent be anyone but God to tell her to say that. I dont think I would have gotten that if I did not listen to JB. And he is right her music is annointed. It relly is.

  18. Minister Whitfield, What is the standard for doctrine? Is it whatever a man or woman speaks on their whim? Or is it the Word of God? This is a basic issue of authority: when she told you to give $1000, did Juanita Bynum speak with the same authority as the Scriptures?
    Whether Mrs. Bynum is a false prophet was never the focus of this article. My interest was on the extravagance and waste of her million-dollar wedding. I believe Stand for Truth has made some helpful points in response to your previous statements.

  19. Stand for Truth

    Min Whitfield, To clarify the statement I previously made, If JB is preaching something contrary to the Scriptures, be careful and aware. I think Paul makes that very clear throughout his Epistles, I.E. Gal 5:9 “A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough.” I would go further but that’s not the basis of discussion of this page. Just be careful.

  20. Venable

    I just discovered this website and have found the reading quite delightful. Personally, I have not watched Ms. Bynum very much. There has been much discussion about "judging" Ms. Bynum. According to what I read in 1 Corinthians 14, Paul instructs the prophets to subject their prophecy to the judgment of the other prophets. If there other prophets available, maybe they should be consulted concerning prophecies spoken by any present day prophets.

  21. believer

    i have to say i was in stiches reading all these comments that were put on this site. First any christian would believe that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever right. so the word that paul preached is very much the true today as it was then and paul was ordained of God..galations 1:1 and galations 2:3-5. now he preached the absolute word galations 1:8-9. now in revelations the bible talks about what happens to those who add, subtract or change the word of God. rev 22:18 and 19. so judge for yourselves whether jb is false or not . i dont doubt her musical ministry but as far as the word is concerned i am sorry but i shall not be deceived. she does not teach what paul taught in any way. if she did she wouldnt even be preaching anyway.in the book of jude vs 3-4 it says ' …for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. for the are CERTAIN MEN crept in unawares, who were before old ordained to this condemnation, UNGODLY men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness …' Note these men who crept in did not use THE door and hence are robbers [if you know your bible well you will know what it says about the motives of the thief !!] and jude also goes on to say in verse 12 '..these are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast WITH you, feeding themselves without fear….' if jb is changing God's word and adding things of her own surely nobody should be confused about what is right or wrong. the scriptures are clear!!! i know the truth, its there read your bible why wait for someone to read theirs for you?? about her lavish wedding.. jude says 'they feed themselves fearlessly..' where then is her modesty and desire to be more like our HUMBLE saviour who by the way is king of kings!!! i have her music and plan to buy more cd's but never in a million years do i plan to listen to her TALK for fear she might corrupt my soul!! the answer anyway is not in jb it is in God that is where everone should be looking including jb herself. this is not intended to offend anybody. if you doubt my scriptures double check them for yourselves. may you see the God's truth in time and stay blessed.

  22. aaron williams

    Just a line to say how much I have learned from each and every comment made concerning Juanita Bynum. I am a minister of the gospel and have shared the good news with many. I make every effort to separate my own thoughts (interpretations, what it means to me personally) from what's actually written in the word of God. I agree with so many of your comments concerning one's integrity both to God and to the people when we stand to declare the righteousness of God. Just from what I've read on this wonderful website indicates how much more we have to pray for those who are called of God. Keep me in your prayers. Rev Aaron Williams

  23. cheryl

    The bible says that if your brother (sister) is overtaken in a fault – YOU WHO ARE SPIRITUAL should pray for them and restore them. I have read many criticisms but not one offer to pray for JB or her ministry. r nHe who is without sin let him cast the first stone. I am sure that God is not looking on these comments with favor. I do not know whether or not the comments or true but what I do know is that God cannot be pleased with what is being stated here and I must say for those who are the called of God I am very disappointed in you as men/women of God that you have taken the lead in the character assasination as opposed to encouraging these bloggers to pray for enlightenment of JB and that God would turn her back to His Word on those issues wherein she has been in errored.r nr nI pray that God will touch each of us. WE are ALL apart of the Universal Church of God and we cannot give JB a black eye without giving ourselves one – because God is Father of all of those who have accepted his Son Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. So when we talk about JB we are in essence criticizing ourselves because she is a sister at fault and if God can forgive who are we.r nr nMay the Lord bless and keep you, may he make his face to shine upon you, may the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.r nr nMuch Love and peace in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  24. Spirtled

    Juanita Bynum what can I say , a falling solidier being seduce by greed and money. I used to be a big fan of Juanita Bynum and I can say truthfully she the reason I began to take my walk with God serious but over these past couple years a sudden change is occuring in her and its seems to center around money"which by the way, "is the root of ALL EVIL. God wants his people to be bless don't get me wrong but when it becomes our God we have a serious promblem . I never question her annionting because I feel she is however I will say she is under attack by Satan and she may not even know it. The best thing we can do for her is pray and pray hard that the scales be lifted from her eyes. I'm not judgeing her by no means but God gives us all discernment that in these last day we won't be deceive.

  25. Albert Dadzie

    I wonder why people are so quick to judge and even judge wrongly.To some Juanita is false but to most her testimonies has delivered them from hell into this everlasting race.I suppose people must be willing to intercede for frontliners in the kingdom instead of judging them.It is very true that we must sort out the right preachers but this must be done with much wisdom,spiritual insight and by the help of the Holy Spirit.For me,I'll uphold what Jesus said "A kingdom that is divided against itself cannot stand" The world doesn't need these crticisms ;they need our love.

  26. Stand for Truth

    Dear Mr Dadzie, I must ask the question, is judging right or wrong according to the Word of God? If we agree that that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, we then should study 1 Corinthinans 5:1-13;1 Corinthians 14:29. According to Paul’s Epistle we are to judge those INSIDE of the of the Church. The reason is because if we don’t, we will have false teaching,prophecy,immoral behavior, and etc. We are to judge according to what His Word says. However, we are not to judge others outside of the Church (1 Corinthians 5:12-13). I would expound more on Mrs. Bynum-Weeks doctrinal beliefs more, but I’ll just say this, she is affiliated with “Oneness Pentecostal”, which if you know is a heretical doctrine that believes Jesus manifest Himself as the Father and Holy Spirit (refutes the Trinity).Now if we know anything about Church orthodoxy, the Godhead/Trinity is three distinct persons but One (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) I would elaborate more but I think that’s enough about that. Furthermore, on the issues of judging individuals Paul makes this plain and clear. I feel we do not do enough judging within the church because where not hermeneutically sound or we just do not know how to approach reading our Bibles( this so evident if we view what many Church's believe and practice).But many rather listen and except whatever the preacher says. I have much more more to say this but I am pressed for time. Anyway, I hope what I have said is clear from a biblical perspective, Love & God Bless

  27. Old comments have been cleaned up, and commenting has been enabled again. Please keep comments focused on either Mrs. Bynum's wedding, spending habits, or her behavior. Whether she is a false prophet can be discussed here. Comments that consist solely or primarily of "touch not God's anointed" will be deleted without explanation.

  28. Kevin

    Let me start by saying that I am not a Christian. I have been in the past and hope to be again someday as I definitely feel as if I’m missing something. I’m at a point, though, if I am ever to again “beleive” I’d have to get over certain ethical questions I have concerning God. That, however, is for another discussion. In my workplace, we have a mantra that is repeated nearly everyday, and that is “Lead by example.” What you do, is how your employees will act, and how others will perceive you. Knowing the way many non-Christians view evangelists, I have to question the very IDEA of one having a million dollar wedding. Does this not just give us more fuel to insult and degrade Christianity, rather than open a healthy line of discussion? Does her wedding not put another layer of bricks on the wall between the insaved and the saved? I would say so.

  29. J.T.

    Greetings to all, in the name of my Father, Jesus Christ. nI would like for everyone that is writting and or reading on this page, to please take your Bible and open to book of Matthew and read the seventh chapter. The first verse says a whole lot. After you read, you may want to repent. I have watched and listened to JB many, many times and have felt the annointing and my life has been blessed by her ministry. In His Service, Pastor, JT

  30. Kirk

    TO KEVIN, i think it is for you to listen to her testimony, see where she is coming from she had the life before, she has had 3 miscarriages, she was anorexic, slept with different men she was married before, had the Gucci shoes ect, then went into consecration and went so low that she lived in the projects and had to shake out cockroaches off her clothes before she put them on and had cockroaches coming out of her bag in an airoplane. I am not defending her, i am only asking you to think on where she is coming from and where she is, listen to her testimony. I pray that God will lead you to a Bible based church that teaches the TRUE Word of God, and that you will be saved and save others, I pray that you will have a divine encounter with the Lord and that he will bless you.

  31. Friend of God

    I have also been an admirer of Juanita Bynum over the years. The First time I heard her was when I saw her No More Sheets video, and I thought that she was a very annointed woman of God and I believe that she still is. But I believe as christians we are very naive and vulnerable in the sense that we think that just because a person has the annointing that they can do no wrong. And we believe in everything they say without using the Word of God as our barometer. I have been very dissapointed over the years to hear very prominent men and women of God begging for money after they have spoken. I once heard a Minister of God say after he preached a very annointed message that he would not return to our church if we did not raise him a very good offering. I have also heard a very prominent woman of God say that before she ministered she wanted the church to pay for her to minister to us, because she equated the spirtitual food of God with the food that we purchased at a restaurant and said that since we have to pay before we eat then we should pay her before she delivered the Word of God. These Ministers are pimpin the people of God simply because they know that they can. Christians need to rightly divide the Word of Truth, use discernment, and use the intelligence that God has given them.

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