Not another wet head

I’m a perpetual fund raiser for nonprofits. I’m directly involved in leadership of three nonprofits, with which I play an important part in seeking donations, drafting budgets, and overseeing expenditures each year. I’m happy to say that donations to all three organizations increased last year and are on track to increase again this year, though I don’t claim this happened simply because of my involvement.

I’m also a perpetual giver to nonprofits: churches, schools, missions, civic organizations, and others. I enjoy giving to support the vision of groups I care about and goals I care about. Most importantly, I give to glorify God.

It’s great that folks are giving to support research of a particular disease, which may enable doctors to find new effective treatments for suffering patients. Unfortunately, the primary recipient of the millions that have been pouring in as a result of the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” is the ALS Association, an organization that directs some of its funds to support embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cell research, of course, relies on the destruction of embryos (fertilized eggs). In other words, the ALS Association supports the taking of life in order to conduct testing so others will not die of disease. Murdering the innocent is no way to enhance life and reduce suffering.

I remember those words of Scripture: “Thou shalt not kill.” Surely I am not only prohibited from killing (murder) but also from accommodating murder or rewarding myself with the benefits of someone’s murder. God is not pleased with murder. He told us in the Scriptures that one man should not murder another because men are made in the image of God–to kill a man is to strike out against the very nature and character of God.

On this basis, any moral impulse to support the ALS Association is negated. I don’t donate to Planned Parenthood because it provides abortions and promotes the practice of abortion. For the same reason, I will not be supporting the ALS Association. (While I’m on this line of thought: I don’t support the Susan G. Komen Foundation or its Race for the Cure because the Komen Foundation diverts some of its donations to Planned Parenthood, the United States’ largest provider of abortions.)

Of course, there are other organizations that provide support for medical research to fight disease and do so in a morally-appropriate manner. I’ll keep supporting these organizations.

The Ice Bucket Challenge wasn’t initially associated with ALS, but it has largely become linked to fundraising to combat this disease. Nevertheless, I’ll save us all the pain of watching my head receive a dousing of icewater. Instead, I’ll keep giving to organizations that matter–and not funding organizations that are engaged in abominable practices.

Speaking of organizations that matter, here are some I support and commend for your support:

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