Paragraph 6.

Also that the said parsons, vicars and other curates shall diligently provide that sacraments and sacramentals be duly and reverently ministered in their parishes; and if at any time it happen them other in any of the cases expressed in the statutes of this realm, or of special licence given by the King’s Majesty, to be absent from their benefices, they shall leave their cures, not to a rude and unlearned person, but to an honest, well-learned and expert curate, that may teach the rude and unlearned of their cure wholesome doctrine, and reduce them to the right way that do err; and always let them see that neither they nor their vicars do seek more their own profit, promotion or advantage, than the profit of the souls that they have under their own cure, or the glory of God.

From the First Henrician Injunctions of 1536 by Thomas Cromwell.
(Documents of the English Reformation, edited by Gerald Bray, 177.)