Persecuted for Truth

The Prayer Book Society of the USA today notes a news article: “Swedish pastor sentenced to one month’s jail for offending homosexuals.”

The pastor has been sentenced to prison because he preached against homosexuality.

Why am I not surprised? Why are none of us surprised? How long until this happens in the United States? We already see Canada inching closer and closer to the day when their government will do this. In the US, we’re already arresting Christians for standing on the sidewalk (with a permit) with Scripture (prohibitions against murder, adultery, etc.); and this is being carried out with machine guns!

For the life of me, I can’t understand why the vast majority of American Christians sit by, watching all this happen in the world, without one word or thought of protest. Actually, I can’t understand it but I know why it is: most American Christians are, like non-Christian Americans, self-focused.

Thank God for a pastor who will speak the truth no matter the cost.

We are in the new era of persecution. I pray that we will have the resolve of the early Church.

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  1. TellIt

    "Evil prevails when good men remain silent" or somesuch. The great evil of moral relativism has invaded the hearts of far too many men. r nr nOne ought NEVER tolerate evil.

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