Socialism destroys free speech

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) determined earlier this week that it has the authority to regulate the internet. The federal Congress has never authorized the FCC to make any regulation or policy regarding the internet.

Terence Jeffrey makes some interesting observations about the current White House administration and free speech. In the column linked below, he notes that the Obama administration wishes to restrict political speech during periods of time around elections. Not only does this involve the repression of free speech through control of electronic book (e-book) distribution, but such a policy could well be used to restrict all political speech over the internet.

Keep the FCC Out of the Internet | In other words, the Obama administration believes it can bar a publisher from electronically selling a book via satellite, cable or broadcast media in an election year if the book advocates throwing someone out of Congress or the White House.

Quite clearly, the U.S. Constitution prohibits the interference of the federal government in such a matter: “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press …” (First Amendment). If Congress cannot make law abridging free speech, no organism established by Congress can do so. The FCC is a blight on the liberty of this nation. Though the minders of the FCC are instituting rules to restrict the free market surrounding the internet under the guise of protecting the consumer, such meddling in the market and with the tools of free speech can only lead to a further encroachment–indeed tyranny–of the people’s liberties.