Spaghetti-laden clergymen

From the Ugly Church Stuff file comes news from the Churches of England and Wales.

In the Church of England, a priest’s sermon last week included a suggestion that the poor spaghettishould shoplift. He apparently offered shoplifting as an acceptable alternative to “mugging, burglary, or prostitution.” A parishioner decided he would make his “own little protest” by dumping a bucket of spaghetti and ravioli on the priest’s head. The spaghetti-laden clergyman referred to the experience as “frightening.” [Read More]

In the Church of Wales, a priest has resigned after allegations that he has a foul mouth and drinks too much. He had previously been suspended from ministry for six months while an investigation was conducted. After the investigation concluded earlier this year, the priest apologized for “inappropriate behaviour contrary to the standards of behaviour expected of a cleric.” However, additional complaints were lodged, apparently resulting in his negotiated resignation. [Read More]

With such shenanigans, one wonders how much longer Anglicanism will stay alive in Britain. Why isn’t a priest who advocates thievery disciplined but a foul-mouthed one is pressured to resign? Why are these items viewed as significant issues when women’s ordination and homosexual clergymen are allowed to run rampant in the liberal wing of the Anglican Communion?

We mustn’t advocate assault by pasta, but perhaps more spaghetti-laden clergymen would result in a bit more humility in the church.