Tom Parker

Investiture speech of Alabama Associate Justice Tom Parker

Justice Tom Parker delivered the following speech on January 14, 2005 at his investiture to the Alabama Supreme Court. May it please the Courts. Governor, Public Officials, friends and family, thank you for being here today. The defining question for the American people today is this: “By what standard?”   By what standard shall we govern ourselves? By what standard shall our courts interpret the Constitution? Who is the ultimate …

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Tom Parker

Judicial servants vs. judicial tyrants

Tom Parker promises godly principle and godly action Christians in Alabama and throughout the nation were frustrated and angered by the lack of godly leadership shown by the eight associate justices of the Alabama Supreme Court in August 2003. The eight justices voted to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial building–where the court sits–that Chief Justice Roy Moore had installed two years earlier. The Federal District Court …

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Phillip Jauregui

Constitution for Congress

Phillip Jauregui wants to restore our governing document There’s a congressional candidate from Alabama who’s a little out of the ordinary. His oddity comes not from the fact that he’s an attorney or a well-known figure in recent national events. It’s his commitment to the Constitution that makes him a rarity among congressional candidates and current members. That and his commitment to action: “The courts have literally betrayed their oaths …

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