Here’s what is pathetic: When feminists reject what is feminine, all that’s left is what is masculine. So we find women renouncing their God given distinctiveness and trying to act like men. They want to be free from the burden of babies so they can be promiscuous (supposedly) without consequences like men, so they invent abortion and kill their babies–and their consciences. They want to compete with men in the marketplace, so they warehouse their babies in daycare centers with strangers. They want, like men, to be free of the perceived drudgery of housekeeping, so they end up simply adding the drudgery of commuting and punching a clock to the still unavoidable toil of home life.

The irony of feminism is that, while it hates men and wants to liberate women from men, the masculine is its standard of what is good and fulfilling in life. (It ought to be called “masculinism”!) No one can escape God’s order! All they can do is twist it, and in their attempt to change the unchangeable, damage themselves and those around them. In rejecting the Bible’s definition of what it means to be a woman, women are rejecting their own humanity and condemning themselves to an unfulfilled life, and countless homes are a shadow of what they could have been if they had a virtuous wife within their walls.

How much better if we can all be what we were created to be: let men be men and women be women. A return to biblical patriarchy will mean that women will return to a biblical definition of womanhood. This is the only path to the fulfillment that women are seeking today in their strange and futile ambition to become like men. Our job as husbands is to help our wives see the glory of their femininity and all that it entails and, by doing our part right, to make it easier for them to embrace their role in God’s plan.

From Family Man, Family Leader: Biblical Fatherhood as the Key to a Thriving Family by Philip Lancaster, 259-260.