You Are There

On May 2, 2000, Ambassador Alan Keyes was a guest on the “Tonight Show” where he ended his appearance by singing a song he had written. Here follow the lyrics.

You Are There
Alan L. Keyes

I touch the world
With hands too weak
Frail as the words
That I speak.
I hear the sounds,
Dragging with pain,
Scented with life’s wise disdain.

Nothing to gain,
Nothing to lose.
Why should I bother to choose?
Mind cannot know.
Lips shape despair.
But when I see with my heart,
You are there.

Silent the youth
Fated to die
‘Cause he believed in the lie.
Robbed of his spring,
Withered and thin,
Lost, with a world yet
To win.

Looking for love.
Nothing to dread.
Finding death’s shadow instead.
Who to forgive?
No one to spare.
But when he sees with his heart
You are there.

Crying the man
Gone to his grave
With dreams that
She could not save.
Only her son,
Bled now and cold,
Too soon to see her grow old.

Where is her hope?
What now her faith?
All of her prayers gone to waste?
All to herself.
No One to share.
But when she sees with her heart,
You are There.

Whispers the child,
Hungry and scarred,
His better destiny barred.
Walled in by hate,
Habits of War,
Old wrongs remembered
No more.

Willing to die,
Willing to live,
Just having no more to give.
How can this be?
No one to care?
But when we see with Your heart,
We are there.

[Copyright © 2000, Dr. Alan L. Keyes. All rights reserved.]

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