Bishops R Us

If you’ve never seen “Bishops R Us“, you’ve missed out on a real treat.

  • Are you hankering for a fast track to ordination?
  • Do you have urges to play dress up for church?
  • Do the trappings of the episcopate make you giddy?

Then you should head over for a visit to “Bishops R Us” to get things done quickly. This is especially handy for those who want to start their own jurisdiction/denomination or give themselves titles that sound profound.

Be sure to scroll down the page and click the link for those in a hurry!

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richard desroches
richard desroches
June 27, 2014 7:47 pm CDT

Do you mean the ACNA?

June 29, 2014 5:31 am CDT

Since the ACNA is a church in communion with about 1/3 of the worldwide Anglican Communion and an actual church, no—I don’t think he means the ACNA.

What I do think he means are the more iffy corners of the Continuum. Or, perhaps, the ECUSA, where apparently they’ll ordain anything with a pulse and the poltically correct leftist beliefs.

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