Bishops R Us

If you’ve never seen “Bishops R Us“, you’ve missed out on a real treat.

  • Are you hankering for a fast track to ordination?
  • Do you have urges to play dress up for church?
  • Do the trappings of the episcopate make you giddy?

Then you should head over for a visit to “Bishops R Us” to get things done quickly. This is especially handy for those who want to start their own jurisdiction/denomination or give themselves titles that sound profound.

Be sure to scroll down the page and click the link for those in a hurry!

3 responses to “Bishops R Us”

  1. richard desroches Avatar
    richard desroches

    Do you mean the ACNA?

    1. wyclif Avatar

      Since the ACNA is a church in communion with about 1/3 of the worldwide Anglican Communion and an actual church, no—I don’t think he means the ACNA.

      What I do think he means are the more iffy corners of the Continuum. Or, perhaps, the ECUSA, where apparently they’ll ordain anything with a pulse and the poltically correct leftist beliefs.

    2. Daniel J. Sparks Avatar
      Daniel J. Sparks

      I mean anyone with “purple fever”, regardless of jurisdiction. I’ve seen them in several jurisdictions. As far as the ACNA goes, I’m on record opposing the excessive making of bishops, as are some of the ACNA bishops themselves. Lord have mercy.