The Injustice Continues

Sadly, Terri Schiavo languishes still in a Florida hospice while government leaders from judges to legislators to chief executives shirk their duties to administer justice.

Some children were arrested today for attempting to take water to Terri. Don’t we see the injustice and the ignominy of arresting children (or adults) for trying to give a cup of cold water to a dying woman?

More leaders will be holding a press conference tomorrow to call on Bush & Bush to use their executive powers to protect Terri from starvation. I pray that they will do so but, even if they do, what kind of testimony to their moral resolve is the fact that they’ve waited over five days to do anything while a woman is being starved?

I will be travelling to Pinellas Park this weekend to stand with Terri’s family and friends. More details and news as possible.

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