Small Church Music

If you’re a small parish with few resources for church music, is for you. Ways you can use this site: If you don’t have an organist, download the accompaniment tracks to play for services. If you need sheet music, download it here. Find lyrics to hymns. Cross reference hymns that share the same tune. Thanks to the hard work of recording, scanning, typing, and uploading done over many years, …

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Anyone interested in Christian apologetics should consult the works of Lee Strobel. His investigative-style books–such as The Case for Christ and The Case for a Creator–offer a fresh approach to apologetics and are easy to read and understand. Mr. Strobel’s website is a treasure trove of resources to aid in further study and research in apologetics. In particular, the site features numerous videos addressing particular apologetics topics, often in interview format.

Bishops R Us

If you’ve never seen “Bishops R Us“, you’ve missed out on a real treat. Are you hankering for a fast track to ordination? Do you have urges to play dress up for church? Do the trappings of the episcopate make you giddy? Then you should head over for a visit to “Bishops R Us” to get things done quickly. This is especially handy for those who want to start their …

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BreakPoint is a daily audio feature about four minutes long that addresses current societal issues important for Christians. Eric Metaxas hosts the program begun by Chuck Colson. The daily program is a quick way to be informed about critical matters that impact our faith.


Imprimis is a monthly publication offered by Hillsdale College. It regularly features excerpts of addresses by notable speakers covering a variety of important current issues. Subscription is free, and the content is thought-provoking: well worth the few minutes it takes to read each issue.

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