God walks the dark hills

When I was a child, my mother shared about her experience on a mission trip to Mexico. During that trip, years before I was born, she accompanied the pastor and a few others from her church. As they walked a steep hill, heading toward a distant village, they seemed to feel the burden of great […]

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What’s your plan, pastor?

This article is part 2 of 2 in the series Small Church Ministry.

What’s your plan, pastor? As some of the COVID restrictions fall away, what’s your plan for ministering to your flock? Have you learned some things about ministry over the past year? Have you been reminded of important things you had been overlooking? Did you have a sudden realization that there are aged, infirm, and other

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My battle scars

The scars I bear from battle didn’t come from explosives or being shot. They come from the pain of loss. My scars come from the aching loss my soldiers endured when their buddies were killed. Seeing them—feeling them—with the weight of that loss was—is—a burden for me. Some wanted a prayer; some did not. Some

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