Terri’s Last Hours

I am here in Pinellas Park, Florida at the Woodside Hospice where Terri Schiavo is being starved to death. This morning, her father went in to see her; he came out later and made some remarks, including that he believes she is in her last hours.

Apparently, there is another federal appeals court proceeding going on now.

The outcry for Governor Jeb Bush to step in and do something is also increasing. Randall Terry, who has been advising the family and serving as a spokesperson, released legal opinions today, including one from the Thomas More Law Center. The legal opinions advised Gov. Bush that he is authorized by state law to use his executive powers to intervene and save Terri from starvation.

The opinion from the Thomas More Law Center states in part,

…The statute provides that the consent of Ms. Schiavo’s guardian is not necessary if the investigator suspects that the disabled adult’s guardian has caused the abuse or neglect of the disabled adult.
In the final analysis, the facts of this case clearly establish probable cause to conduct a full criminal investigation of the circumstances surrounding the disability of Ms. Schiavo. To date, the facts of the case have not been viewed through the lens of a criminal investigation. Shamefully, the governor’s investigatory resources have not been brought to bear on discerning the truth in this case.

Please keep praying for Terri. Also pray that the hearts of men will be turned to God.

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