Pinning ceremony with Judge Moore

Last Sunday, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore took a few minutes to pin captain bars on my Army uniform. I was promoted as a part of the active duty accessions process.

Judge Moore served as an Army captain with a Military Police unit during the Vietnam War. He was known as “Captain America” because of his commitment to doing the right thing and enforcing the rules in a place where military discipline was often lax.

I was deeply honored that Judge Moore–a man of strong Christian faith, a dedicated father, a statesman who has paid the price of true leadership, and a soldier who served his country faithfully by never violating his oath–pinned on my new rank.

Daniel Sparks and Roy Moore
With Judge Moore just before he pinned on the insignia.
Roy Moore in Vietnam
Judge Moore as an Army captain in Vietnam in 1972. He is participating in a change of command ceremony in Da Nang with the 188th M.P. Company.

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  1. Len Avatar

    Congratulations on the pinning and on who did it. That is great!